From a theres-a-mamba-on-the-loose campsite in a tiny strip of land that borders five countries, it’s a proper (African) wake-me-up, featuring 1960’s Guinean orchestras, Senegalese serenades, one of Ethiopia’s best performing live in Paris, a politically-charged Zimbabwe track and a style of music that was illegal up until the 1980s in a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar… plus a whole lot more. So pour that coffee. Find somewhere comfortable. And let us handle the next half-hour or so. Rough Sundays, hooray! 

March 20, 2022

Rough Sundays—Vol. LXVI


From Namibia’s infamous Skeleton Coast, it’s the greatest Sunday morning podcast coming from Namibia’s infamous Skeleton Coast! We kick things off with some Cape Town Flowers via Abdullah Ibrahim, and then get back into the magic of Soweto, the parallel line from African-to-Cuban music, Super Mama’s and Africa’s cutest and most talented couple... plus much more. It’s 33 minutes of pure audible gold! 

March 16, 2022

Rough Sundays—Vol. LXV


From the empty, confusing, captivating and gorgeous land of Namibia—thus the three-day delay—it's your favorite (we're assuming) wake-me-up, featuring some of the best vintage tracks that Africa has to offer, including the Bad Girl of Pop doing gospel, three (yes) songs with ties to Soweto, some Benga Blues out of Kenya, a Malian + Guinean duet, and the catchiest Kwaito tune we've heard in ages—maybe even years. And while we normally say "Sit back", this show is incredibly upbeat, so... stretch. Coffee. Boogie. Things like this. Alright. 


Think having Covid and being stuck near the Namibian border would keep us from having a show THINK AGAIN—and despite not *quite* being there isn’t going to stop us from starting an introduction to Namibian music either. From the Voice of the Resistance to the 1996 Song of the Year, Namibian reggae and the very first “Kwaito” track ever to sneak into the studio (currently: a canvas cover sticking out of the Defender). All of that, plus a Dolly Parton duet with one of Africa’s best guaranteed to melt your cold, cold heart. It’s Rough Sundays! 

February 27, 2022

Rough Sundays—Vol. LXIII


The final show from Cape Town before we leave for the distant barren lands of Namibia, featuring some of the best Sunday Morning African Music you’ll ever hear… in one place, at least. From a 1970s Senegal to literally the happiest song ever recorded, a track from a Gambian “griot” (photo) + a lesson on why griots are so vital to West African culture, another track from the crowd favorite Ebo Taylor, some Congolese rumba and much, much, much more. It’s Rough Sundays! 

February 13, 2022

Rough Sundays—Vol. LXII


From under a canvas canopy in a quiet campground off the coast of Southern South Africa, it's 35 minutes of pure gold coming from the continent—from the Cuban-sounding 1980's Togo to the leader of Senegal's musical resurgence, some nasty + naughty funkadelic goodness from Soweto, a little more Nigerian "High Life" and yet another from the Ethiopian Elvis... plus some live-from-Carnegie Hall Portuguese + David Byrne magic. And much more. So sit back, pour a big cup of something strong and start (or end) your day off properly. Brought to you by Race Point Seltzer, it's Rough Sundays!


February 6, 2022

Rough Sundays—Vol. LXI


We fly halfway around the world and allllllll the way back down for more African goodness—a trip that’s been 5 months in the making, and one guaranteed to lead to us discovering some true gems from this continent. From the two Queens of South Africa to diving back into Highlife + Palm Wine music from Ghana and Nigeria, to a duet brought to you by Aric’s friend who he met under a dinosaur after not knowing who Lin-Manuel Miranda was. All of this, plus a New England track so smokey, you’d think it was a cigar company sponsoring the show and not Race Point Seltzer. So make you a cup of strong coffee, sit back, and let’s rediscover the musical magic of this area. It's Rough Sundays!

January 30, 2022

Rough Sundays — Vol. LX


What was supposed to be a show from a brand new adventure is actually a gorgeous hotel room in New York City (more or less) as we wait on a flight out BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON AND GO ON IT DOES with the late Ronnie Spector, a Nigerian doctor, Ella + Chick, some Horace Silver goodness and what is perhaps the greatest New Jersey duo ever recorded… plus much more. So sit back, fill up that coffee mug and enjoy half an hour of Rough Sundays – brought to you by Race Point Seltzer. 

January 23, 2022

Rough Sundays — Vol. LIX


Final show from The States and exactly 30 minutes, we kick it off with French cowboy tunes, a famed group from the 1920s Jazz Age, discuss a recent documentary on NAS and then have a listen to his father play, another possible argument re: the forming of Buena Vista Social Club, old Patterson Singers bringing the rafters down with revival gospel and a whole lot more. Plus, a weekly track from New England, courtesy of our sponsor Race Point Seltzer. All of that and more! Yes seriously! Hit play! 

January 16, 2022

Rough Sundays — Vol. LIII

Second to last show from the States and probably going to win the award for "Best Sunday Morning Music" in the EVER category, we kick it off with some proper gospel from the 1940s, move onto the ever-chipper Hoagie Carmichael, along with some Ann Peebles breaking up homes, the greatest New Orleans musician you've never heard of, a live James Cleveland (aka "The King of Gospel") and rounding it off with a dive into Native American sounds... plus a lot more. You do the coffee and the sitting, and we'll handle the rest. It's Rough Sundays! 

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